GHJ University

Through GHJ's Learning and Development Department, GHJ offer GHJ University to provide our employees technical and soft skill training. Along with classes on public speaking, writing and other soft skills, GHJ holds an internal training programs each year to ensure that employees are well trained and current with the latest audit, accounting and tax issues, including a three-day Nonprofit Accounting Training. GHJ also provides monthly internal accounting and audit technical update meetings, as well as various outside training throughout the year to keep abreast of the latest accounting and tax developments.

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Educational Reimbursement

GHJ values the educational development and continuing education of its employees. Along with having a robust Learning and Development Department with regular classes and trainings, GHJ provides opportunities for CPE credits both inside and outside of GHJ.

Additionally, after one year of service and every year thereafter, GHJ will reimburse employees who complete their Masters of Business Taxation (MBT) up to the published catalog tuition rate listed under Golden Gate University, School of Taxation per three-unit class/semester. GHJ is also fully-compliant in AB1825 training.

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CPA Exam Bonus

GHJ provides a CPA and CFE Exam Bonus to eligible employees who pass their CPA or CFE exam within a certain time frame of their full-time date of hire.

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Mentorship Program

GHJ has a career advisor program to ensure that employees receive the encouragement and feedback to continue their growth. Working with assigned mentors, employees create individual goals and plans to guide them through the next stage of their career and beyond. Mentors also assist with personal branding and industry expertise so employees can stand out in the marketplace.

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Bonus Program

Eligible employees may be eligible to receive bonuses throughout the year, including:

  • Discretionary bonuses
  • Spot bonuses
  • Anniversary bonuses
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Business development bonuses
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Immigration Programs

For employees joining GHJ from overseas, GHJ assists with:

  • Green Card Sponsorships
  • H1-B Sponsorships
  • TN Sponsorships
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Other Reimbursements and Benefits

  • CPA/Law license renewal
  • Business-related travel and per-diem expenses
  • Professional memberships, including AICPA and CALCPA
  • Business journal subscription reimbursement