Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Creating Diversity of Thought

Named DEI-Focused Firm of the year by CalCPA and Los Angeles Business Journal, GHJ believes that creating a culture that focuses on and celebrates diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) makes our firm stronger as we support our people and help them #BeMore.

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The focus of GHJ’s diversity efforts is twofold. First, to ensure that the workplace reflects the rich diversity of the people in the communities GHJ serves. Second, to enable groups of people underrepresented in the profession (including minorities, women and people with disabilities) to thrive at GHJ as well as the accounting profession as a whole. Knowing that a diversity of perspectives and voices is necessary for any truly great enterprise, GHJ aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all current and future members of GHJ. There are numerous reasons for why GHJ chooses to focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility, including these listed out from AICPA.

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GHJ's DEIA efforts are woven into the fabric of its strategy, execution and talent efforts every day. A sample of the ways GHJ holds itself accountable and commit to advance diversity includes:

  • Ongoing audits of our policies and procedures to optimize diversity and inclusion outcomes.
  • Annual, firmwide training in unconscious bias, workplace accessibility and accommodations and other DEIA topics.
  • DEIA cohorts (including Women’s Empowerment, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and Parents) collaborate regularly for equity.
  • Commitment to supporting employee mental health through initiatives such as having a hybrid, flexible work environment, closing the firm for “Wellness Week,” subscription to the Calm app and increased access to medical benefits that support employee mental health.
  • Investments in programs and initiatives that support DEIA outcomes.
  • Utilizing non-traditional recruiting methods and talent pipelines with a focus on inclusive hiring tactics.
  • Transparency and measurements across GHJ’s talent pipeline.
  • Ongoing, open and sometimes difficult conversations that foster mutual understanding and support of one another.
  • Internal and external communication campaigns and articles celebrating our diverse team and DEIA holidays and initiatives throughout the year.

The world is not always a fair and gentle place. But in GHJ's corner of the world, GHJ demands mutual respect, tolerance of differences and most of all, #GHJBelonging. When you join the GHJ family, you are embraced and celebrated for your differences. GHJ knows its collective diversity of thoughts, backgrounds and experiences are exactly what makes GHJ a place where employees can each #BeMore – together.