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Together, We Make It Happen

Through our affiliation with HLB, a Top-10 international advisory and accounting network and the International Accounting Bulletin's 2020 and 2022 Network of the Year, GHJ has access to other member firms and their resources in most major cities throughout the world. This structure is very similar to the operations of Big Four and other global firms. GHJ leverages the HLB network to serve multi-location clients in a timely and efficient manner. We attend annual conferences within the HLB network, creating solid working relationships between GHJ and other member firms.

Additionally, GHJ Managing Partner Tom Barry serves as HLB USA Chairman, GHJ Partner Anant Patel serves as HLB Global Transaction Advisory Services Leader and GHJ Partner Mari-Anne Kehler serves as HLB Global Leader of Client Advisory Services.

Who is HLB International?

In New York in 1969, partners from five different accounting companies – from five different countries – came together to discuss the possibility of working together across borders for the benefit of their clients. From these very humble beginnings, a shared business philosophy was central to the concept of providing consistent and personal service to their clients. Since that meeting, the network has grown to over 250 members firms, and HLB has become one of the world's leading accountancy networks. Today, HLB International provides consulting and professional services in more than 150 countries through its nearly 800 offices worldwide.

Our Qualifications

GHJ is also a member of the following organizations:

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Award-winning Advisory and Accounting Firm

GHJ and its employees have been recognized nationally and internationally. Our advisors are recognized both in the accounting world and in the industries they serve. Our work speaks for itself, but GHJ and its employees are proud to be recognized on a global scale.

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