On December 23, Congress passed H.R. 3765, the “Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011” (“Bill”). The Bill was signed into law shortly thereafter. The Bill provides for a two month extension of the payroll tax cut which was already in place for 2011 and a corresponding extension of a lower tax rate on self-employment income.

Before the rate cut that was instated for 2011, the payroll tax rate for employees and employers was 7.65% each; the self-employment tax was 15.3%. As a result of the 2010 Tax Relief Act, the employee portion of the payroll tax was reduced by two percentage points to 5.65% and the employer portion of the payroll tax remained at 7.65%. Additionally, the 2010 Tax Relief Act reduced the self-employment tax by two percentage points to 13.3%.

As a result of the passage of the Bill, the lower rates are extended for wages paid in the first two months of 2012. The Bill also extends the lower self-employment tax at 13.3%, for self-employment income of up to $18,350. The Bill provides special rules for 2012 so that taxpayers with self-employment income and income from employment in excess of $18,350 (one-sixth of the 2012 Social Security wage base of $110,100) do not receive an extra benefit. If a full year extension of the payroll tax cut is not enacted, taxpayers with income from employment for January and February that exceeds $18,350 will be required to recapture the excess benefit they receive. The recapture provision was included instead of a cap on the amount of employment income because of the compliance difficulties that would cause employers.

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