By: Judy Bamberger (Guest Blogger, Encore Fellows Program Manager, Social Venture Partners)

Over the next decade, the population over age 65 will increase dramatically from 10 percent to 25 percent. How can society take advantage of these extensive skills, knowledge and life experiences? In response, Social Venture Partners recently launched its Encore Fellows program in Los Angeles in partnership with

Here at Social Venture Partners, we’re tapping the talent of people who are transitioning out of the corporate world but aren’t really ready to retire. Instead they would like to put their skill set to use in an environment that offers a renewed sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Social Venture Partners’ Encore Fellows Program matches seasoned professionals who have a minimum of 20 years’ experience in their field with meaningful, high-impact assignments to help build capacity at nonprofit organizations. Assignments that the Fellows take on are typically half time for 12 months, and the Fellows receive a stipend.

2016-2-9-pic1Michele Prince: Executive Director, OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center is a great example. According to Executive Director Michele Prince, “As a part of our strategic planning process, we had been investigating adding a new line of services to meet community needs. We needed a high level external executive to design and construct a feasibility study, so we turned to The Encore Fellows program. One of the Fellows, Barbara Demming Lurie, came on board to help. We are still in the midst of the study, whose elements include research, strategic dialogue, meetings with stakeholders and a broad community assessment. The results of the study will be released in the coming quarter.”

Barbara Demming Lurie: Encore Fellow2016-2-9-pic2

Barb feels she has gotten back just as much as she has given. In her words, “The program has provided me with three important opportunities: First, I feel like I’m making a contribution to an organization that provides a greatly needed service to the community. Second, I’m expanding my learning by delving into a field that’s new to me. And, third, the work has kept me active and involved. I like to go to bed each evening knowing I’ve achieved something meaningful with the day and this program has provided an avenue to accomplish that.”

If you know a nonprofit that could benefit from this program, or a potential Encore Fellow, please reach out to Judy Bamberger, Encore Fellows Program Manager, at or (818) 807-3516.


About Judy Bamberger (Guest Blogger, Encore Fellows Program Manager, Social Venture Partners)

Judy manages the Encore Fellows program in Los Angeles for Social Venture Partners (in collaboration with The program is designed to deliver new sources of talent to organizations solving critical social problems by tapping seasoned professionals who are transitioning out of corporate positions and desire a substantial engagement with the nonprofit community.