Meaningful Partners Invests in Allies of Skin

GHJ proudly supported Meaningful Partners in its investment in Allies of Skin, an award-winning skincare brand renowned for its highly concentrated, multifunctional formulas. This investment marks the second successful partnership between GHJ and Meaningful Partners and reinforces GHJ’s shared commitment to enhancing purposeful businesses.

Meaningful Partners, a private equity firm, specializes in accelerating the growth and performance of consumer companies that not only succeed commercially but also advance positive social purposes. With a focus on operational excellence and an expert investing team, Meaningful Partners is adept at creating substantial value for all stakeholders involved.

Allies of Skin is a Singapore-based brand that has distinguished itself in the health and wellness industry by developing scientifically proven skincare products that are both effective and ethically produced. The brand's commitment to quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with Meaningful Partners' mission to support purpose-driven companies.

In facilitating this investment, GHJ’s Transaction Advisory Services Practice provided comprehensive financial due diligence services, including Quality of Earnings, tax due diligence and working capital analysis. These efforts ensured a successful transaction, positioning Allies of Skin for further growth and innovation under the strategic guidance of Meaningful Partners.

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