2018 Nonprofit Conference: Innovation and Technology for Nonprofits

Sept.13, 2018 GHJ hosted the 2018 Nonprofit Conference where GHJ experts and guest speakers took a look at current nonprofit landscape and the role of innovation and technology for nonprofits.

Our keynote speaker Justin Trout, Co-Founder and CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha, discussed how to build, a culture and a purpose. This year we also hosted two breakout session discussing cyber-security for Nonprofits, fundraising strategies for nonprofit boards and innovation in the digital age. Speakers included:

Cyber-security and What you Need to Know:

Fundraising Strategies and Innovations that Work:

Nonprofit Innovation in the Digital Age:

Along with insightful panel discussions The 2018 Nonprofit Whitepaper: Board Governance: The Path to Nonprofit Success was released at this year's event. Download your copy here.