GHJ Beverage Expert to Speak at Fermentation Conference

GHJ Beverage Practice Leader Maria Pearman will host an all-day workshop on Business Basics for food and beverage professionals at the Fermentation Association’s annual conference, which takes place August 27-30 in Chicago.

Fermentation 2022 aims to explore the power of fermentation to create and preserve food, build flavor and enhance health. The conference brings together producers, retailers, chefs, suppliers and other members of the industry to discuss how to best communicate fermentation’s benefits to consumers.

Business Basics for Food and Beverage Fermenters is an all-day workshop covering the financial, sales, marketing and business strategy essentials. Maria will offer attendees a deep dive into the financial basics of running a business through modeling, tracking and analyzing key financial metrics. This workshop will be an invaluable resource for startup and early-stage companies seeking to optimize their resources and maximize their resources.

Fermentation 2022 takes place August 27-30 at the Chicago Marriott Downtown. Click here to register.