GHJ International Tax Expert Joins Strafford Panel Discussing Repatriation Tax Audits

The IRS will start conducting repatriation tax audits focused on certain issues with taxpayers' calculation of Section 965 inclusions — which means tax counsel and advisers must have a thorough grasp of rules and operational implications of repatriating foreign-source income held offshore to avoid costly tax consequences.

On 11/4/2020, join GHJ’s International Tax Expert Yan Jiang as he discusses strategies for tax professionals with Crowell & Moring’s Sterling Marshall in this upcoming webinar from Strafford, “Repatriation Tax Audits: Managing IRS Enforcement Actions and Strategies for Tax Professionals.” This experienced panel will provide a practical guide to the tax opportunities, pitfalls and strategies of repatriating foreign-source income. This webinar will also offer strategies for tax counsel and advisers for handling IRS enforcement actions and audits.

The panel will discuss key issues, including:

  • Repatriation for individual and small business taxpayers
  • Identifying deductions and credits that would reduce taxable income
  • Recognizing repatriation audit triggers
  • Navigating IRS enforcement actions and audits

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