On Feb. 15, our Nonprofit leaders sat down with Alexander Tellez of Pery Consulting Group for a a lively discussion on the challenges related to complying with government funding requirements. Topics included:
  • Implementing new procurement requirements – policies and thresholds
  • Updating internal controls to be in compliance with Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government (Green Book)
  • Internal policies required by the Uniform Guidance (conflict of interest, procurement, cost allocations, compensation, etc.)
  • Cost allocations
    • What costs can be charged to government contracts?
    • Which costs are always considered unallowable?
    • What are costs that can be allocated?

Mark Kawauchi (Principal, GHJ)
Yulia Murzaeva (Manager, GHJ)
Alexander Tellez (Vice President of Fiscal Compliance Consulting Services; Non-Profits, Pery Consulting Group)