A Message from the GHJ Managing Partner

Our world continues to spin in an uncertain direction. Division, uncertainty, misinformation and misunderstanding continue to be driving forces that are disrupting our world. There has never been a time in my life where I have been so sad for the state of affairs in our country. As I struggle to explain things to my children, I realize there is no easy answer to our problems but it is imperative that we all work together for a solution. So what can we do?

Be Leaders in your home, amongst your friends, in your community, in the office. Leadership means listening to others’ opinions and experiences, accepting differences and working together to find common ground for positive improvement. Leadership is not about blame.

Be Kind to everyone. I have noticed lately in my own behavior that the stress of the world has sometimes negatively impacted my attitude to others. I have also observed this in others throughout my life, both at home and at work. It’s OK, we are not perfect. But let’s all take that extra step to be kind in everything we do. Be patient, be thankful, be empathetic. We are all carrying different burdens and giving or receiving that small act of kindness can make or break our day.

Be Involved in creating a better world. Sitting on the sidelines won’t cut it. As a firm we have done an amazing job at adapting to our changing world. That is because you have all done your part. You have all been involved. Do the same for our community and our country. Simple acts like staying informed, being engaged and voting are powerful acts of involvement. If something greater is calling your name….do it! The time is now.

Be an Ally for others, by making sure those of us with privilege use our voices to amplify, for those who can not be as loud. Our firm's culture of diversity and inclusion is about being proactive in seeking the feedback and understanding of those unlike ourselves. The fabric of our firm is woven with all the colors, and backgrounds, and textures of difference. That is, in fact, what makes GHJ great.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were the founding principles of this country….let’s get back to them.

Stay well and be safe,

Tom Barry
Managing Partner