HLB Releases Its Global Annual Review

HLB, the accounting network GHJ is a member of, recently released in 2021 Global Annual Review: Reaching New Heights. Highlights included:

  • HLB grew by 25% compared to 2020
  • Service line growth by 35% in tax services, 16% in accounting and 8% in audit and assurance
  • HLB’s continued focus on diversification into advisory services resulted in 34% growth, now accounting for 28% of the total fee income
  • Revenue from cross-border engagements grew by 10%
  • 18% rise in overall headcount with a 24% increase in female partnerships

HLB is also well on its way to reaching the top-10 position in global ranking and meeting the objectives set out in its business strategy.

The report also discussed how HLB’s global workforce adopted hybrid-working practices and how it is working to support DEIA efforts throughout the network.

Going forward, HLB aims to create a more inclusive, sustainable future for all within its ecosystem, by focusing on three strategic CSR pillars: diversity and inclusion, the environment, and communities.

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