Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic Bank and Credit Suisse continue to make headlines and have become a cause of concern for many businesses. Are these instances a flash in the pan or a warning sign for a storm ahead?

On the Business Disruption and Resilience Podcast, GHJ Private Equity Practice Leader and Host David Sutton spoke to Fifth Third Bank Managing Director Cameron Dayne. Cameron works with many business owners, CEOs and CFOs to implement strategies for managing balance sheet risk.

In late February, Cameron and David participated in GHJ’s Economic Outlook, a panel discussion that covered inflation, the supply chain, the labor market and other concerns. For this podcast, they revisited their predictions from that discussion and whether Cameron’s optimistic view of the economy holds firm given recent news from these banks.

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David Sutton

David Sutton is GHJ's Private Equity Practice Leader, serving clients across the US and ranging from small family offices to established multi-disciplinary funds. He has more than 15 years of experience across finance, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions. David’s deal experience includes…Learn More