On this episode of the Business Disruption and Resilience Podcast, GHJ Food and Beverage Expert and Guest Host Elad Menna is joined by D’vash Organics President and Co-founder David Czinn. Elad and David discuss what consumer packaged goods companies should know when working with retail, managing their margins and planning for success.

D'vash Organics sells healthy sweeteners using natural ingredients. The company started at local farmers markets around Los Angeles and now sells its products at 10,000 stores around the country including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Costco and Walmart. The company has also found success in selling its product to restaurants, contract manufacturers and other food and beverage companies.

David shares the strategies that have worked for him while acknowledging that the path to success five years ago is not the same path today.

“The playbook is always changing. There’s not a simple formula that works for everyone,” David explained. “I think a lot of it is product dependent, but you have to try multiple things and you do have to be willing to pivot quickly in order to see what works and build around that.”

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Elad Menna

Elad Menna, CPA, is a member of GHJ’s Audit and Assurance Practice with over nine years of accounting experience and specializes in assurance services for food and beverage and manufacturing clients. Elad also services clients within the technology (SaaS), media and entertainment and nonprofit…Learn More