In this episode of the Business Disruption and Resilience Podcast, GHJ Transaction Advisory Expert David Sutton breaks down HLB International’s 2022 Survey of Business Leaders. This annual survey offers a closer look at how businesses around the globe are investing their resources, responding to challenges and adjusting their outlook.

David is joined by HLB Mexico Chair Pablo Maldonado and Rehmann Head of Consulting Services Chip Hoebeke. They discuss how this year’s survey differs from past years, what stands out and how the global nature of this survey affects the way it should be interpreted.

The Business Disruption and Resilience Podcast is a series from GHJ about how businesses respond to disruption and adversity.

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David Sutton

David Sutton is GHJ’s Private Equity Practice Leader and serves clients across the U.S. that range from small family offices to established multi-disciplinary funds. He has more than 15 years of experience across finance, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions. David’s deal experience includes…Learn More