Edible insects. Fruit/vegetable hybrids. Ramen-mania. Butter is back. Sour is the new black.

Food trends can be fascinating. For those of us who are in the business of food, it’s something we track for many reasons. What’s new? What’s ahead? What do our clients need to know to stay relevant and innovative? But the truth is, even if your occupation isn’t in the food and beverage industry, you are still likely interested in food as a human being who eats a few times a day. So, why blog?

It’s now considered cool to be interested in food. The term “foodie” has become part of our common vernacular. Most people like to think they know what’s new and hot. GHJ’ food and beverage practice serves clients in this industry which gives us a unique vantage point to see what is current, but more importantly, what is ahead. We get to hear from the leaders in the business about new creative twists in the food world. And the landscape changes quickly, such as when good old Tabasco gave way to the Sriracha craze, which has led to the introduction of the Tunisian spread called Harissa. A blog is a fast way to share what is new and different with you in real time.

So, why food and why now?

Food is life. Food is what sustains us, but it also delights us. We celebrate with food. We mourn with food. We create relationships over food. Food is central to who we are and how we live. So it’s natural we have launched a planet of “foodies”. But trying to keep up with the latest is difficult if you aren’t tracking trends daily. We do, so you don’t have to. We are starting this blog for our clients and friends who want to hear the most current and interesting perspectives on food. Not just from us, but from guest bloggers on the front (food) lines. And if you are also in the business of food, we want to hear back from you too.

Expect a few updates a month. We promise to keep it fresh. Join us.

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Donald Snyder

Donald Snyder, CPA, has more than 30 years of experience in public accounting. He provides audit, accounting and advisory services to clients in numerous industries, including food and beverage, restaurant, manufacturing, wholesale/distribution and technology. Donald is a well-known business…Learn More