GHJ Entertainment Practice Leader Co-Chairs AI Conference

GHJ Entertainment Practice Leader Ilan Haimoff will co-chair the American Bar Association's upcoming conference Artificial Intelligence in the Sports, Entertainment and Interactive Industries: Friend or Foe?

Exploring the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and the entertainment industry, this in-person event will take place April 10-12 in Los Angeles with a livestream available through co-sponsor Beverly Hills Bar Association.

Key topics include the impact of litigation and legislation on AI's future, the use of generative AI in the music industry, labor patterns and collective bargaining in relation to AI and ethical considerations when adopting AI tools in legal practice. These panel discussions include esteemed speakers across the legal, technology, academic and entertainment sectors. Past Media Clips Podcast Guest and Entertainment Lawyer Kenneth Freundlich is among the event’s roster of expert speakers.

As event co-chair, Ilan played a pivotal role in orchestrating the conference. Under Ilan's guidance, the conference is set to foster meaningful dialogue and offer practical guidance for companies and professionals navigating the evolving interplay between AI and entertainment.

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