Business Insights Interviews Peter Klass on “New Media Industry Trends” Whitepaper

Senior Manager Peter Klass of GHJ Entertainment and Media Practice was interviewed by Business Insights on the segment “New Media Industry Trends: Consolidating to Meeting Customer Demands,” which aired Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015. The interview was conducted to discuss the Firm’s 2015 Entertainment and Media Whitepaper: New Media Industry Trends: Consolidating to Meet Consumer Demands.

During the segment, Peter highlighted current trends impacting the industry. “Monetization is the key concern in the entertainment industry as we move away from a traditional market,” Peter said. “People are consuming more content than ever before, but as consumers move away from purchasing content in favor of a subscription model, price points in the entertainment industry are dropping.”

Additionally, Peter predicts that product integration and placement will become a vital marketing strategy over the next three years. “As we’re moving away from appointment television and mass-supported television, advertising will need to be more targeted. It will have to reach out to consumers and their niche needs,” Peter commented. “Product placement and product integration – when stories are built around products – are going to be at the forefront of advertising.”