GHJ Managing Partner Featured in Chief Executive Magazine

GHJ Managing Partner Tom Barry recently spoke to Chief Executive Magazine about how GHJ has approached a shifting labor market.

The article features business leaders across multiple industries and highlights how companies are responding to a labor-squeezed economy. In the article, Tom shares how GHJ is working to accommodate remote workers without diminishing the importance of in-person collaboration.

In a companion piece to this article, Tom shared one piece of advice for leaders looking for what to do next. Tom noted that, although the Great Resignation has slowed down, more change is expected as the same employees who switched jobs for monetary reasons are taking a closer look at whether these new jobs are the right fit.

Tom’s role as GHJ Managing Partner is a combination of entrepreneur, partner, consultant, coach and business advisor. He launched GHJ’s concept of #BeMore, which encourages members of the Firm to live their best lives, professionally and personally.