GHJ Managing Partner Nominated TA and IAB Lifetime Achievement Award

LOS ANGELES, CA July 27, 2017… GHJ Managing Partner, Leon Janks, is nominated for the 2017 The Accountant and International Accounting Bulletin lifetime achievement award. Leon has dedicated nearly 50 years of his life to the accounting profession. As managing partner for the past decade, Leon has seen the firm nearly double in size from less than 80 employees, to 150 employees this year.

Leon’s commitment to collaboration and happiness in the workplace and passion for giving back to the community has elevated him from a leader to a visionary. As the architect behind GHJ’ Vision Process, the firm has seen significant year-over-year growth, surpassing industry standards. His passion for transforming visions into reality has led the firm to continually exceed its goals.

Leon considers staff happiness equal in importance to client satisfaction, and supports that a valued staff results in an excellent work product and client retention. This is why GHJ has repeatedly been among the “Top 20 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles County,” as awarded by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Part of this is due to the firm’s culture of empowering employees to #BeMore. Leon and the partner group support “being more” as a way of promoting work-life balance through focusing on passions in both personal and professional life, such as family and friends, health and wellness, volunteering, passion projects and more.

Leon is also deeply committed to servicing the community, and in that spirit, he closes the firm one or more days per year so that the entire staff can go out into the community and personally invest time to help those in need. He believes in the philosophy of “giving back,” and as a secondary benefit, staff within different areas of the firm (i.e. tax, audit, admin) get added quality time together bonding, while being of service. In the spirit of positivity, Leon is a big proponent of the “win-win” ideal. Better yet, he walks his own talk.

About Leon Janks

Leon has over 30 years of experience in the areas of audit and accounting, tax planning and general business consulting. He advises his clients on matters related to strategic planning, profitability, mergers and acquisitions, and buying and selling businesses. Leon serves clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing distribution and retail.

In addition to his GHJ Managing Partner role, Leon is also the chairman of HLB International, one of the leading global accountancy networks with a presence in 130 countries worldwide. He is a member of the California Society of CPAs and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is a member of the Board of Directors and chairs both the Audit and Finance Committees for PriceSmart, a publicly held company in San Diego.

Leon is on the Board of Directors of the Jewish Federation and is the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He also serves on the Board of Trustees for Milken Community High School.