Progressive Grocer Features Three-Part Series on GHJ Food and Beverage Survey

In a three-part series by GHJ Partner Don Snyder, the industry publication Progressive Grocer highlighted GHJ 2015 whitepaper, Women in the Food and Beverage Industry: A GHJ Report, which examines the results of the Firm’s annual survey of west coast food and beverage executives.

The first article in the series, “Women as Leaders in the Food and Beverage Industry,” contrasts the lack of women in leadership roles with the benefits of having women in executive positions.

Part two of the series, “Women as Health-Conscious Food and Beverage Consumers,” underscores women’s marketplace power, especially in the health-conscious food arena.

The final article of the series, “Food and Beverage Survey Reveals Industry Strengths, Opportunities,” examines the industry as a whole. While it’s moving swiftly, and constantly adapting to stay ahead, there are also major threats to growth, such as pricing competition.