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The History of the Laugh Track
Whether you love or hate the laughter you hear in your favorite sitcoms, you have to appreciate the history and effort that was put into “sweetening” those less than polished gems we call the American sitcom.

Five Things to Consider Before Bringing a Profits or Other Claim against a Major Studio
Pre-Litigation Audit – As a litigator, I am often approached by the talent’s transactional lawyer and asked to evaluate the talent’s potential claims against a major studio.

Video Game Deal Making: Playing To Win
First UK Panelist At Beverly Hills Bar Association – This summer, GHJ’ Cedar Boschan was honored to present the very first Beverly Hills Bar Association program featuring a video linked panelist from London, esteemed interactive game counselor Vincent Scheurer, owner of Sarassin LLP.

Q&A with Edwin F. McPherson, Esq.
Distinguished entertainment litigator Edwin F. McPherson is the foremost expert on California’s Talent Agencies Act (the “TAA”). On the heels of a recent Billboard piece – “Did the California Labor Commissioner Just Shake Up the Music Industry?” – we share the Q&A below to benefit talent representatives.

Dealing with the Worst-Case Scenario: The 5 Tips You Need to Protect Your Clients in Dealing with Law Enforcement Matters
CONSULT WITH A LAWYER FIRST: Make sure your client consults with a lawyer before talking to law enforcement.

US Tax Treaties Royalty Withholding
When making royalty payments to recipients in other countries, US payors generally must withhold US tax at 30% from the amount paid.

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