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Hollywood and Bollywood – A Closer Look
There is a great amount of potential between the Hollywood and Indian film industry, also known as Bollywood.

Video Game Audits: What You Need to Know
In November, Tom “The Game Attorney” Buscaglia, Esq. and GHJ’ Cedar Boschan presented a webinar about royalty audits in the interactive game industry.

U.S. Home Entertainment Market Overview
Home entertainment spending in the United States rose by 1 percent to $18.2 billion; however, it is still below 2004 when it surpassed $21.8 billion.

Five Things to Consider Before Filing a Music Copyright Case
In my opinion the Federal District Courts have been improperly applying a quantitative and not qualitative copyright analysis in music and film cases.

Top State and Local Tax Opportunities for the Entertainment Industry
State and Local taxes are an often overlooked area for businesses, particularly those in the entertainment industry.

Three Tips on Negotiating “Backend” Deals from former Studio Litigators
As litigators who spent more than a decade working at a major studio, and whose current practice includes consulting with auditors to help talent identify and refine accounting claims against the studios, we have analyzed countless backend agreements.

The 5 Top Emerging Licensing and Brand Promotion Growth Areas for the Entertainment Industry
With more and more subscribers and viewers skipping commercials on their or similar technologies, advertisers are looking for new and creative ways to get their brand recognition and message across to the consumer.

“Life story” rights: Exclusive Excerpts from Dinah Perez’ The Legal 411 for Screenwriters
Every living person has the “right of privacy”- the right to be left alone and the right to keep private facts from the public.

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