Film and Television Brand Integration and Cross Promotion Opportunities
With more and more subscribers and viewers skipping commercials on their DVR or similar technologies, advertisers are looking for new and creative ways to get their brand recognition and message across to the consumer.

Exploring New Technologies and New Media Platforms to Reach the Consumer
In addition, companies are also exploring new technologies to promote merchandising or other promotion materials, through the use of new technologies and new media platforms to reach a larger number of potential buyers.

Exploring Foreign Opportunities
As the global market grows, so will its potential licensing opportunities.

Use of Social Media to Promote Product Sales
A component of new media and new technologies, more and more companies are going into social media to push brand recognition and sales of merchandising and other product.

New Emerging Product Categories
With the evolution of the Internet and other emerging technologies, there is an opportunity for further exploitation for licensing purposes, such as on-line gaming, clips, virtual imaging, and others.