GHJ Affiliate CFS Recruiters Recognized as Rookie of the Year Nominee and Winner

GHJ congratulates Jessica Goodman for winning at Creative Financial Staffing’s (CFS) Executive Recruiter Rookie of the Year. Jessica works CFS-Los Angeles, a leading financial placement company and GHJ affiliate.

Each year CFS ranks all recruiters by revenue production. For their first year at CFS-Los Angeles, Executive Recruiters Jessica Goodman and Matt Cruz, were nominated along with recruiters Abigail Eddy, Cara Caplan and Rian Media. Goodman generated more revenue than any of her peers during that time, earning her the top spot as Executive Recruiter Rookie of the Year.

CFS-Los Angeles specializes in providing interim staffing solutions and permanent/executive services for accounting and financial positions. Its relationship with GHJ allows CFS to differentiate itself from competitors by providing an in-house screening process. Fully integrated partners provide feedback and better evaluate a candidate’s technical skills, which ultimately produces better quality and higher caliber recruits.

CFS-Los Angeles is dedicated to making the best possible placements for GHJ’s clients across a broad range of financial disciplines and talent levels. From payroll specialists to senior level financial management professionals, CFS search consultants are committed to client satisfaction and providing exceptional talent.