GHJ Chief People Officer Discusses "Quiet Quitting" in HR Executive Magazine

GHJ Chief People Officer Alex Seiler spoke to Human Resource Executive about quiet quitting and how companies should respond and conquer this trend.

Quiet quitting has emerged as an increasingly common alternative to The Great Resignation. Instead of resigning from a job, Harvard Business Review explains that employees are opting out of tasks beyond their assigned duties and/or becoming less psychologically invested in their work. This concept is reasonable in principle, but it can make a big impact on the way a company operates, and may affect the company's ability to remain competitive.

In the article, Alex explains that employers need to open up the lines of communication and address what drives their disengagement. The article points to the transition from in-office work to hybrid and remote work models as a point of disconnect between employers and employees.

Alex notes that throwing technology at the problem is not a solution – it is possible to ensure employees are engaged through in-person or virtual check-ins rather than implementing tracking or surveillance technology.

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