The entertainment industry has been affected by #COVID19 just like every other industry. A newly released book, Movie Money: Understanding Hollywood’s (Creative) Accounting Practices, authored by GHJ Entertainment Leaders Partner Steven Sills, Principal Peter Klass and Manager Tracy Liang, takes an in-depth look at the accounting side of the entertainment industry, provides insight into the arcane world of profit participations and discusses how streaming revenues impact reporting to the participants. Members of the entertainment industry, including talent and their representatives, will find these revenue sources a lifeline until the world returns to normal. Sills, Klass and Liang provide an overview of their new book and COVID-19 related entertainment issues in GHJ’s latest Media Clips podcast hosted by GHJ Partner Ilan Haimoff.

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Peter Klass

Peter Klass, CFE, is GHJ’s Profit Participation Services Practice Leader and has more than 20 years of entertainment accounting and audit experience specializing in profit participations and contract compliance. Peter has extensive consulting experience in connection with complex profit sharing…Learn More

Tracy Liang Standing WEBSITE

Tracy Liang

Chenxi “Tracy” Liang, CPA, has more than 10 years of experience in entertainment accounting and forensic investigations. She specializes in performing audits of the production and distribution of motion picture and television programs on behalf of investors and third-party participants as well as…Learn More

Haimoff Ilan halfbody

Ilan Haimoff

Ilan Haimoff, CPA, CIA, CFE, CFF, is the Entertainment Practice Leader at GHJ. His specialty includes profit participation and forensic accounting on behalf of talent, investors and co-producers at both the major and mini studios. Ilan has over 30 years of accounting experience in public accounting…Learn More