GHJ Leaders Discuss Building Inclusion in Training Magazine

Training Magazine recently published an article from GHJ leaders Derrick Coleman and Donella Wilson about how nonprofits can increase inclusion within their boards.

In the article, Derrick and Donella discuss the systemic obstacles that can prevent nonprofit boards from achieving true diversity and how nonprofits can overcome these challenges.

Derrick Coleman is the Search and Staffing Practice Leader at GHJ. He has more than 20 years of business experience and regularly assists companies in hiring for financial roles as well as board recruitment. Derrick is a board member of several nonprofits and has spoken about his experience as a Black board member.

Donella Wilson is the Nonprofit Practice Leader at GHJ. She has served as a board member for several nonprofits. A trusted advisor to the nonprofit industry, Donella recently moderated GHJ’s annual Nonprofit Webinar about how recent tax and accounting changes are impacting the nonprofit sector.

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